We have always liked the idea of teaching people. Not everyone is right to be a teacher though, perhaps because they do not have the patience or time or maybe they are not good with children. However, there are all sorts of ways to teach and we hope that we can do it through our website. We know that there is a lot to learn as well with regards to finance as most people do not get taught anything at all. Most learn nothing at school and often our parents do not teach us either. This could be because they di d not know a lot themselves or because they do not think it was necessary. However, many of us muddle through without really knowing much about what we are doing and so having some guidance could be really helpful and we hope that we have provided will be a good start. Our articles are clear and simple and need no prior knowledge to understand. They have various tips and other information in them which will hope will be enough to help anyone that needs a bit of extra guidance to be able to start improving their finances and hopefully be encouraged to carry on.