An Egyptian tour – types of travel

Egypt, situated in north-east Africa, is a country steeped in history and culture and although synonymous with the pyramids, a lesson in history is not all that the country offers. Tours to Egypt fall into different categories depending on the visitor’s interests.

The most common tour is the historical kind. The tour is usually for 10-14 days, based around Pharaonic or ancient Egyptian sites and often covers religious sites but does not always include a Nile Cruise.

The regular religious tours are the Exodus and Holy Family tours that follow the biblical trail. They include a trip to the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum and often to the Sinai. Religious tours include a tour of Islamic sites rarely visited by non-Muslims.

Adventure or speciality tours combine a Pharaonic tour with one or more of these activities: golfing, fishing expeditions, nature tours and the increasingly common bird watching tours.

Europeans traditionally opt for a simple holiday, setting up base in Luxor or Aswan and basking in the warm sun. The Sinai and Sharm El-Sheikh are high end beach holiday spots while the Red Sea Coast provides budget resorts.

Image courtesy of Matthew Knott 

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