Cruise activities that teach

On cruises from the UK, you will have many opportunities to participate in an array of on-board activities. Make sure you set aside some time to try something new on your next cruise. The choice is yours and activities vary according to which ship you select. The following are just a few of the options offered on cruises from the UK.

If you have never played a sport you could sign up for golf, tennis, scuba or kayaking lessons. For some new dance moves try a rumba, salsa or ballroom dancing class. To stimulate your artistic side study music, art, photography or crafts.

Some theme cruises 2012 offer the chance to take part in drama productions or singing lessons. Other ships feature lectures on wellbeing and fitness, history and archaeology, technology, music and fashion and style. For those preferring more ‘palatable’ lessons, you could try classes in French cuisine, cocktail mixing (mixology) or wine tasting.

Consult your agent to find which cruises from the UK offer the programmes you want. If you are open to discovering something new, there is always something to learn on a cruise.

Toy Story - Oceaneer Club

Toy Story - Oceaneer Club

Picture courtesy of insidethemagic


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