European river cruises

The romance and tranquillity of a river cruise is unlike any other holiday experience. As well as offering one of the most relaxing cruise experiences available, a European river cruise offers travellers access to some of the oldest and most culturally diverse cities in the world. A number of lines offer excellent cheap cruises in Europe throughout the year.

Many of Europe’s broad inland waterways are accessible by cruise ships. The most popular river cruises include most of Europe’s largest and most beautiful rivers – the Rhine, the Rhone, the Volga, the Seine, and the Danube.

The Danube offers access to ten nations and four capital cities – Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade, and Vienna. A typical river cruise on the Danube lasts between ten and 19 days and originates in Paris. The time spent aboard the ship may be short on account of the numerous ports of call along the way including the great Romanian port of Galati, the largest on the Danube.

Cruises on the Rhone and Volga are of similar length, with many stops to allow passengers to appreciate the art, culture, music, sculpture, theatre, and architecture of the region.

River cruises offer all the excitement of an ocean cruise with the added bonus of numerous stops along the way. European river cruises offer passengers fabulous views of majestic castles, cathedrals, and the spectacular scenery of the region.

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