High street stores Topshop and H&M stop sourcing angora

Angora RabbitOver the last month, there has been an uproar in the fashion industry about the use of angora wool that has been irresponsibly sourced by popular high street stores.

Last month saw animal rights campaigners from PETA release videos showing the fur being plucked from live screaming rabbits by Chinese workers at farms. Their encouragement for viewers to boycott stores which sell garments manufactured with this angora wool had a huge impact and high street retailers were bombarded on social media and via petitions.

H&M and Acne made the announcements last month that they were halting the production of all their products which contained angora wool with immediate effect. H&M made the following statement:

“[We] will immediately stop the production of all angora products until we have secured that out strict product policy is being followed. H&M doesn’t accept that animals are treated badly, which is checked when audits are made. We only allow products made of angora rabbit hair from farms with good animal husbandry. Plucking is not acceptable in accordance with our product policy. We will now accelerate further inspections of our sub-suppliers to ensure compliance with out policy.”

As a result, other major chain stores that were still stocking angora products came under fire from the general public.

Topshop is now the next on the list of merchants who have made the decision to stop sourcing their angora products from abused rabbits in Chinese angora farms. They currently stock 41 products, such as a cable jumper, socks and a onesie, manufactured using the angora fur from rabbits.

Image courtesy of Marlana Shipley

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