How to wear a playsuit

PlaysuitPlaysuits came back into fashion again a few years ago after being cast away to the realms of children’s fashion for a fairly long time. While they look fantastic on the hanger, and can often be mistaken for dresses until you get tangled in them in the fitting room, they’re fairly difficult to wear and style up as items of clothing go.

Make sure that you don’t layer on top too much

This is the number one issue with playsuits: going to the bathroom! Because of the shorts-like bottom half being attached the top, you need to strip it all off to use the toilet, and why add more hassle by layering over the top? Instead wear a thin, fitted top underneath the playsuit if you need to keep warm so you won’t need to get right down to your underwear every time.

Pick a dress-like playsuit

Fitted playsuits definitely give off the infantile vibe you should be trying to stray away from with the playsuit. Choose one that is loose cut on the legs that gives the illusion of a dress so it’ll be super flattering on your thighs while also keeping everything covered up in adverse weather.

Wear tights

Playsuits in general tend to be shorter than dresses, and while they do have shorts on the bottom to keep your modesty mostly preserved, they do expose a lot of leg, and occasionally more if the fabric is too loose. Opaque tights will help to keep everything covered and give an illusion of a longer hem line.

Wear it to the beach, on holiday or to a club

There are loads of places you could wear a playsuit, but our favourite options are at the beach or on holiday, thrown over the top of a bikini for a cool covered up look, or out to a club for a summery vibe where you can get away with the shortness.

Image courtesy of maxlovessatin.

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