News for the 2013 cruise season

There is a lot going on with cruises 2013 when it comes to cruise lines, new destinations and new ports. One of the most anticipated stops is Rio de Janeiro. They hosting the 2014 World Cup and they are also hosting the 2016 Olympics. This means that they have made large investments in their existing cruise port which will make travelling to nearby destinations even easier.

Canada is already a known destination for those taking an Alaskan cruise, however the country is quickly becoming a popular stop in its own right. This year those deciding to go on a cruise can expect a large number of cruise companies to add Canada to their regular schedule.

The same holds true for Galveston, Texas. Travellers who have always wanted to check out the state may just be able to do so through a cruise. Since Galveston is already the home port for several megaships, a few other large cruise lines have also hopped on board, so to speak, and decided to add this popular city to their schedules this year.

If you had your heart set on cruising ‘down under’ this year, it may just be possible. This year several large cruise lines have added more ships to their fleet, making regular trips to places such as Fiji, Australia, Caledonia and New Zealand.

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