Norway – the land of the fjords

The fascinating and beautiful land of Norway is known as the country of the fjords. It is a unique landscape offering visitors the chance to see huge forests in the east and beautiful sandy beaches in the south and north. The fjords themselves are striking natural inlets with tall cliffs of rock on each side. Many visitors book a boat trip to visit the fjords.

Impressive rivers and surprising waterfalls; twenty-one national parks abundant in wild scenery, mountain peaks covered in glaciers, and wooden medieval churches that are to be found in Numedal are just some of the main tourist attractions. A Norwegian holiday could consist of a visit to the historical city of Bergen, the ancient silver mines in Kongsberg or the open-air museum in Fagernes.

Driving on the most beautiful road in the world, along the Helgeland coast, is yet another huge tourist attraction for all holiday enthusiasts. Trips starting from Oslo, Stavanger or Larvik and going all the way to Telemark, along the southern coast are recommended for keen campers and drivers alike.

Visiting North Cape will bring tourists to the ideal place to witness the midnight sun phenomenon. There are tour operators that provide cruises to Stappan, referred to as the Bird Island, or Hartigruten, exploring the Arctic, where the midnight sun is even clearer.

Picture courtesy of posotivesustainability

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