Soul Cal Deluxe – men’s designer fashion

If you like a laidback look that spells comfort and elegance then you should look for brands that match these needs and Soul Cal Deluxe offers a wide range of chinos, combat shorts, gilets, t-shirts and denims that can be worn to create the ultimate causal look.

Perfect designs for men

Only a few short decades ago men and fashion were never spoken in the same breath, but now designer brands that produce clothes exclusively for men have brought in changes that were never previously dreamed of in men’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Soul Cal Deluxe has understood this changing trend and strives to make clothes and accessories for men that are both stylish and laidback.

The company’s summer, winter, autumn and spring collections feature apparel that can be worn during the appropriate season to create the ultimate stylish and casual look. Even men who shy away from creating too much fuss about their clothes can use the brand to create a minimum-fuss look.

You can buy blazers, boots, belts, bracelets, hats and beanies, flip flops, joggers, socks and vests, in every size. The colour palette has a broad range too, so you can find chinos and shorts in dark blues, khakis, olives and browns. Trousers, trunks and sweatshirts can all be bought in one place instead of having to search for them in different stores.

Hooded tops or hoodies, as they are popularly known, are a staple item in any young man’s wardrobe and Soul Cal Deluxe has a whole range of them in different colours, sizes and fits. If you like bright colours, then polo t-shirts in bright red, pink, purple, yellow and green will be your choice.

A ‘Shacket’ doubles as a shirt and jacket, which can be worn on any occasion and the Soul Cal Deluxe Alva range offers a wide and elegant selection that you can wear over your shirt or t-shirt.

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  1. Oliver Paker says:

    Men indeed like to keep their dressing style simple and that is one of the reason why they get all fuzzy when they are prompted to accessorize their clothing. A simple range of collection like Soul Cal deluxe would indeed be helpful for many.

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